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Mets Make Qualifying Offer to Daniel Murphy

As expected, the Mets made a qualifying offer to Daniel Murphy on Friday. Now Murphy has a week to decide whether to take the $15.8 million to play for the Mets in 2016.

daniel murphy
Was this Daniel Murphy’s last time wearing the blue and orange?

Following his strong post-season, Murphy is likely in line for a much bigger payday. Murphy’s agents will spend the next few days feeling out other teams to gauge interest in his client. If it is strong, he will probably reject the offer.

Of course, there is always the chance interest will be light, or maybe Murphy just really likes playing for the Mets, so he would take the offer. The odds are remote, though.

Many observers point to Chase Headley’s four-year, $52 million contract with the Yankees as a starting point for Murphy. They are comparable players, except Headley is a better fielder at third base than Murphy is at second.

Even if Murphy rejects the deal, it does not mean his Mets career is definitely over. He could still negotiate with the Mets, although the mood coming out of Flushing is that despite his playoff heroics, the Mets really do not want him back.

The fans certainly do. Daniel Murphy has always been a favorite, and the playoffs just cemented that. He has that underdog, workman-like quality New Yorkers like. Plus, he can hit.

But be prepared for Daniel Murphy to be wearing another uniform next season. And also prepare for the huge standing ovation he will get when he returns to Flushing with his new team.

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