Citi Field

Say Goodbye to Pepsi Porch

You won’t have the Pepsi Porch to kick around anymore — one of the signature sights of Citi Field is going away for 2016.

pepsi porch
Say goodbye to the Pepsi Porch.

The Sports Business Journal reports Pepsi is ending its sponsorship agreement after seven years. No word on which company will replace it.

Presumably the huge Pepsi sign will be coming down. Hopefully the next sponsor will have an old-timey logo sign as well — it really fits in with the theme of the retro park.

The porch is a great place to watch a game. You get a nice view, and it is a just fun place to hang out. A bar right in the middle, like other stadiums have, would be a really good idea. Maybe Budweiser would want to do something like that.

The Bud Porch has a good ring to it.

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