Mets Making Same Giveaway Mistake

You’d think the added revenue of making it to the World Series and the expected boost in ticket sales in 2016 would make the Mets more generous. Well, you’d be wrong.

metsIn May, I wrote about going to a giveaway day limited to the first 15,000 fans. Most of the people attending that near-sellout game did not get their precious Mets towel. Many people were upset, chanting “we want towels” as we ascended the escalator in the Jackie Robinson Pavilion.

The Mets apparently did not hear the fans because in the 2016 promotional schedule released on Tuesday, most of the giveaways are still limited to the first 15,000 fans. As I pointed out in that column in May, not every team has limits.

It really makes no sense; it means majority of the fans in attendance will not get their item. That is not the way to build good well with fans paying a lot of money to get into the stadium, and far more once they are inside. A little item costing the team a few bucks each is a smart investment.

In any case, if you plan on going to a giveaway day in 2016, be prepared to either get there really early, or be prepared to be disappointed.

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