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If Todd Frazier Available, Mets Should Nab Him

Multiple reports out of the GM meetings say the Reds are getting ready to blow up their team, prepared to trade virtually all of their veterans, including for the first time, Todd Frazier. If that is the case, the Mets should jump all over him. And it probably would not cost the Mets any of their young pitchers.

todd frazier
Mets should make a play for Todd Frazier.

Frazier is primarily a third baseman, but he has also played first and a little bit in the outfield. Frazier could help at all three positions. If you watched David Wright throw during the post-season, you know he is not long for third. A switch to first could be in the offing. If not, Frazier could play there and Lucas Duda could be traded. Frazier could even play right field as Curtis Granderson shifts to center in a platoon with Juan Lagares (if Granderson can handle center on a semi-regular basis).

Frazier is the slugger who could replace Yoenis Cespedes. He hit 35 home runs this season after hitting 29 in 2014. He turns 30 in February and is signed for a bargain $7.5 million for 2016. He then has one more year of arbitration before being a free agent. So the Mets would get at least two years out of him. Frazier is also a local product, hailing from Toms River.

Here’s the even better news — reports say the Reds acquired plenty of young pitching in their recent trades of Johnny Cueto and others, so they are looking for position players. The Mets have some decent hitting prospects in their system; perhaps they can package a few for Frazier.

The Reds are also looking to trade Jay Bruce and Aroldis Chapman. I was all for a Bruce trade before the Mets got Cespedes; now though, I think the Mets can do better. He has power, but he hit .217 and .226, respectively, the past two seasons. No great. Chapman, though, would be great, but I doubt the Mets would be willing to spend the $13 million he will likely receive in arbitration on a closer, especially when they have a relatively cheap Jeurys Familia.

I really don’t know if the Mets have the hitting prospects to land Todd Frazier. But they should make a run at him if he’s made available.

One thought on “If Todd Frazier Available, Mets Should Nab Him

  • Matt reynolds!

    Matt is ready,

    reynolds at third,flores at short stop,herrara at second,wright at first

    Looking at their stats over the years and seeing what they have done in the recent past
    you are looking at 75 dingers from the above quartet not to mention a ton of extra basehits
    also the line will keep moving

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