THE List: Top 10 Worst Mets Contracts

Elliot Maddox (11/30/7: 5 years, $950,000)
The Mets first foray into free agency was also among their worst. For nearly a million dollars, which was a lot of money back then, the Mets got seven home runs and 85 RBIs. He only played three of the five years of his Mets contract.

Bobby Bonilla (12/2/91: 5 years, $29 million)
The Mets made Bonilla the highest paid player in baseball when they bestowed him this contract. He was terrible. That does not take into account his second go-round with the Mets that is still costing them to this day and beyond.

Kaz Matsui (12/10/03: 3 years, $21 million)
The Mets wanted to get in on the Japanese phenomenon, but they picked the wrong guy. Matsui was awful, not to mention they moved Jose Reyes to second base to make room for him.

Pedro Martinez (12/17/04: 4 years, $54 years)
Pedro was one of the more fun players in Mets history and he is still beloved by Mets fans. But let’s face it, he only pitched one complete season because of injury and never led the Mets to the postseason. The Mets did not pay all that money for just 79 starts over four years.

Luis Castillo (11/19/07: 4 years, $25 million)
Castillo was one of the more miserable Mets in team history. Enough said.

Johan Santana (2/2/08: 6 years, $137.5 million)
johan santana
Just like Pedro, Santana gave the Mets a few thrills in his time in Flushing. Hell, his no-hitter alone almost justifies the contract. But he only made 30 starts once, and he missed two full seasons with injury. They expected far more from what was then the biggest Mets contract in franchise history.

Jason Bay (12/29/09: 4 years, $66 million)
Twenty-six home runs over three disappointing seasons.

Oliver Perez (2/2/09: 3 years, $36 million)
This might have been the dumbest decision in Mets history. Even after seeing what he was all about, Omar Minaya still gave Perez all that money. He lasted two of the three years, going 3-9 with an ERA approaching seven.

Frank Francisco (12/7/11: 2 years, $12 million)
frank francisco
Sandy Alderson’s first “big money” signing, Francisco was the worst would-be closer in Mets history. His ERA was 5.36; he missed most of the second year.

Michael Cuddyer (11/10/14: 2 years, $21 million)
Cuddyer has one more year to make it off this list. Does anyone think he can do it? Is anyone even talking about him as a major contributor for 2016?

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