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Is Anything Going on with Mets and Yoenis Cespedes?

Just when we thought the idea of the Mets re-signing Yoenis Cespedes was dead come reports Wednesday that a deal could possibly happen. But is there anything really going on?

First, Fox Sports midget Ken Rosenthal reported that in order for the Mets to “engage” Cespedes, they would have to hear that he is open to a short-term deal. Then Jon Heyman, formerly of Sports Illustrated and CBS Sports, but now just an MLB Network employee, claimed the Mets would do a deal of two or three years, but that it was “very unlikely to work.” Add to that a report that the Braves — the tanking Braves — are talking about signing Cespedes.

But then a bombshell “exclusive” from something called NY Sports Day. It claims the Mets have actually met with Yoenis Cespedes, or at least his Roc Nation representatives. A source at the agency said, “Yoenis loves New York and it has always been his thinking to work a deal there.” They are reportedly discussing a one or two-year deal.

A source close to the Mets organization told the website, “A month ago I would have said forget about Cespedes and now it is more of a reality that the Mets and their fans could see the name Yoenis Cespedes back in the lineup again.”

This is all great news, if it is true. It is so hard to judge these reports. How well are these “sources” vetted? Who is leaking the information? All we can do is sit back and wait and not get too excited, lest we get disappointed yet again.

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