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Jacob deGrom Willing to Sign Deal with Mets

Jacob deGrom says he is ready to commit to the Mets long-term, if that is something the Mets would want. I think it is a good idea.

jacob degrom
Jacob deGrom is open to a long-term deal.

“I’m a little bit older, so I might be more willing to do something like that,’’ deGrom told the New York Post. “You just have to look at what is fair so both sides get a decent deal. It’s something I’d have to look into and make sure I agree with it.’’

Indeed, deGrom got a late start on his major league career; college and Tommy John surgery will do that. He did not make his debut until he was 26 and will turn 28 in June. He would not become a free agent until after the 2020 season when he will be 32; perhaps deGrom does not want to wait that long until he gets his big payday.

A six-year deal (starting in 2017) would take him through his age 34 season. That seems about right for the Mets. Would Jacob deGrom take $90 million, for an average of $15 million per season? Certainly if he continues pitching like he has, he could command far more than that, even at age 32. But it is a risk. What if he breaks down or loses effectiveness? Maybe he takes the money and if he is still pitching well, he would be able to sign another contract for major dollars to close out his career.

From the Mets point of view, locking up one of their starters at a reasonable price seems to make sense. They will not be able to keep all of them, but knowing at least one will be there for the long-term gives the Mets a sense of security; if all else fails, Jacob deGrom is here.

Sandy Alderson recently said he would be open to long-term deals with his stud pitchers, so it is something both sides will definitely look into. But what that final number looks like is anyone’s guess.

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