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Mets Should Win at Least 91 Games in 2016

The Mets should win a minimum of 91 games in 2016, and probably close to 100. It is really a case of simple mathematics.

winYou see, the Mets play the Phillies and Braves 19 times each. Both are terrible teams, perhaps the two worst teams in baseball. It is not out of the realm of possibility that the Mets go 14-5 or 15-4 against both of them. That would be 20 games over .500. Even if the Mets play .500 ball against the rest of the league, that would be a 91-71 record.

But the Mets should and will do better than .500 against everybody else. Even just a few games over .500 would give them 95 or more wins. And that’s where the Mets should end up.

Of course, this is assuming everything goes right with the Mets and wrong with everybody else. But it February — no reason not to think the best.

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