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Why Do We Keep Watching?

My last apartment was on the ground floor and people walking in the courtyard could see right into my place (hell, I’ve got nothing to hide!). My friend from down the hall rang my bell one day last year just to compliment me on being a “true Mets fan.” It seems he saw through the window that I was watching a meaningless, late September Mets game against the Nationals. “Who would watch that except for a true fan?” he asked. By the way, he’s a Phillies fan. But still a good guy.

anti-metsWhich brings me to this season. My new apartment is on the 4th floor facing the “Hollywood” sign, so no one can see in without the help of binoculars. But if they could, they would see me watching meaningless, late September games yet again. I’m sure I won’t be the only one.

Why do we torture ourselves? Thursday night’s game can only be described as torture — 11 unanswered runs is simply unacceptable, yet somehow we accept it and watch more.

I really can’t answer for anyone else, but I think I keep watching because I just love baseball. But what’s more, I love the Mets. I get the MLB Extra Innings package — I can watch any game I want, maybe even a game that features two good teams instead of the Mets and Marlins. But I really have no interest in any other teams but the Mets. I’ve invested the entire season with this team, not to mention my entire baseball life. I’m not about to turn away now, regardless of how poorly they are playing.

How about you? Will you keep watching, or will you turn off the TV and go out and enjoy your life?

4 thoughts on “Why Do We Keep Watching?

  • I’ll live my life

  • I’m done. see ya in 2011.

  • I’m with you. It’s bitter-sweet (ok, mostly bitter) watching Mets baseball in September. It’s kinda like rubberneckers passing a car crash, yes it’s a bad wreck, but you can’t help wondering where it went all wrong and who was at fault.

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