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Mets Disappointment in Denver

This had all the makings of an epic offensive weekend. The Mets were leading the league in home runs, heading into the thin air of Denver for a three-game series. It would be long balls galore. Instead, it turned into an epic weekend that was indeed offensive, just in a very different way.

Terry Collins getting thrown out of Saturday’s game was highlight of weekend.

The Mets managed just two home runs, one each by Neil Walker and Yoenis Cespedes, on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. Not surprisingly, the Mets were swept. You live by the homer, you die by the homer.

David Wright, who usually hits so well in Denver, went 2-10.  Lucas Duda, continuing his disappearing act from last season (honestly, except for that eight game stretch in which he hit nine homers, can you remember anything Duda did in the 2015 regular season?), was a non-factor.

Now they head into their biggest series of the season thus far, against the Nationals. They will face Max Scherzer, Gio Gonzalez and Stephen Strasburg. They are at Citi Field, but only 16 of the Mets 53 home runs have come at home.

This is not to say the Mets will flop against the Nationals. But considering what just happened in Colorado, the prospects do not look great. But hey, except for Bryce Harper and some guy named Daniel Murphy, no one on the Nationals is hitting, It is easy to see the Mets pitching shutting down the offense, and scoring just enough runs to eke out some wins.

Whatever happens, expect three low scoring games in which pitching will dominate. Hopefully the Mets can come out on top, if not even hit a couple of homers.

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