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Mets Want to Help Your Love Life!

When I was single and someone wanted to set me up, my first question was always “How tall is she?” If you are not as concerned with height as I was and your first question is “Is he/she a Mets fan?” the answer to your stalled love life is here.

metsI got an email from the Mets Monday and it appears the club (and all of MLB, actually) is getting into the matchmaking business. The league is partnering with to give fans a chance to meet potential dates based on the team for which they root. I assume you put it on your profile, and get matched with similar fans.

The Mets likely have sinister motives for this. They want Mets fans to mate and give birth to little Mets fans, thus ensuring a robust fan base for generations to come.

I am a married fellow so I will not be using it, but it is an interesting tool. But of course, if I know men, it won’t matter if she’s a Mets or Yankees or Phillies fan — as long as she’s hot, he’ll give her a go. The same goes for the ladies, probably. Like all men, I have no idea what goes through the mind of a woman. Mysterious creatures, they are.

See, this is all I have to write about when the Mets are having a quiet off-season!

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