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Uh Oh! Steven Matz Has Elbow Tenderness

Steven Matz was scratched from his scheduled Monday start against minor leaguers because of tenderness in his pitching elbow. We all fear this will not end well.

steven matz
Steven Matz has elbow tenderness.

“There’s a little irritation, and he’s got to work that out,” Sandy Alderson said, according to “We don’t think it’s anything significant, but it bothers him on extension. He won’t pitch tomorrow, and we’ll see where that takes him over the next four or five days.”

Sure, every Mets injury starts out as nothing significant, yet they seem to grow into something very significant. Even Alderson admits this setback is “worrisome” because of Matz’s injury history.

In addition to Tommy John surgery in the minors and various other ailments, Steven Matz missed the end of 2016 and needed surgery to remove bone spurs from that exact same elbow.

Remember Generation K? They never appeared in a Mets rotation together because of injury. Does the same fate await this Mets latest generation of young starters?

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