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Still a Glimmer of Hope for Mets?

Just when I was ready to get a hammer and begin driving nails into the Mets coffin, they go ahead and win the final two games of their four-game series with the Cardinals. But was it too little, too late?

Mets celebrate big win Thursday against Cardinals.

I keep coming up with rationales to give the Mets a chance to turn this season around. I said they needed to go 3-3 heading into the All-Star break — they went 1-4 (with a rain out). Then I said they absolutely, positively had to sweep the Rockies coming out of the break, and they won two out of three. I said a sweep of the Cardinals would have been nice, but they absolutely, positively had to win three out of four. We know how that turned out.

Still, I think there is a glimmer of hope for the Mets. It begins with a sweep of the terrible A’s this weekend at home. Then at least a 5-2 record on the road against the horrible Padres and the suddenly surging Mariners. That would leave the Mets just a game under .500 heading into a crucial three-game set in Colorado. If the Mets can win at least two out of three there, they could possibly be in decent shape.

The problem is, the Rockies series starts on August 1, a day before the trade deadline. And by then, Sandy Alderson may have already thrown in the towel and traded his assets.

Maybe I’m just in denial. Maybe this season is already over. There have been plenty of signs, including the team failing to meet the reasonably modest goals I set out above. Yet I keep giving them more chances. After the past two years of winning, especially last year when they overcame a huge deficit and took the first Wild Card slot, maybe I am spoiled; I am not used to losing. And for a Mets fan to say that, that’s something.

So one more chance. A sweep of the A’s or bust. But then again, if they don’t, and they do well on the road…

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