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Mets Trade Addison Reed, No One Else

The Mets had a surprisingly quiet trade deadline on Monday, sending one player away but keeping several others who many thought had played their last games in the blue and orange.

Addison Reed was sent to Boston for three bullpen prospects. This is an excellent deal. By all accounts, these are promising young players. And Reed was not going to be with the team next year. And besides, while Reed was good, he was not great and was kind of shaky. I was never confident when he was on the mound.

I’m glad the Mets could not trade Jay Bruce. I hope they re-sign him after the season. Why wouldn’t they; where else are they going to get 40 homers a year?

That the Mets could not trade Curtis Granderson was no surprise. He is playing better of late and is a great clubhouse presence, but he is clearly playing his final MLB games. Why give up anything for that?

As for Asdrubal Cabrera, well, he’s okay, but will not make a difference in a pennant race. So again, why give up a worthy prospect for him?

In any case, the Mets could still make waiver trades in August, so Sandy Alderson may not be done just yet.

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