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Terry Collins Reign of Terror is Over

Terry Collins announced before the Mets season finale Sunday that he will not be back as manager next season.

“This has been a tremendous run, had a great time, it’s been a wonderful experience,” Collins said according to the Daily News. “I owe the Wilpons, Fred, Jeff, and Saul (Katz). Jeff Wilpon brought me here and I thank him. We shared a lot of things. Unless you sit in this chair you don’t know what goes on behind the scenes and Jeff Wilpon has been behind me from day one and I thank him for that.

“I think the world of Fred. We have dinner together, we talk baseball together, we love it. Sandy (Alderson) I owe so much to, to give me another chance. We had a good run. This was one of those years you want to forget and I will tomorrow and look forward to opportunities ahead.”

Apparently that opportunity is with the Mets, in a capacity that has yet to be defined.

Collins leaves with a mixed legacy. On one hand, he lost a lot, but he was given some pretty bad teams. He led the team to a surprise World Series in 2015 and then back to the playoffs last season, just the second time in franchise history they made the postseason in back-to-back seasons, Overall the Mets were 551-583 in Collins’s seven years at the helm, managing more games than any other man in Flushing.

“He took us from a situation where there were real questions about the organization about the team and took us to the apex of a World Series,” Alderson said. “And for that together with the two playoff appearances we will all be tremendously grateful.”

So who will take over the team?

“We will start in earnest over the next few days. Certainly don’t want to waste any time,” Alderson said.

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