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Premature Praise for Mickey Callaway Hiring

Seeing all the praise for the Mickey Callaway hiring, people complimenting Sandy Alderson for his “inspired,” “out-of-the-box” move, brought to mind the smug words of Bill Parcells after Tony Romo’s first couple of games:

mickey callaway
Mickey Callaway sees his name in the bright lights of the big city.

“Put the anointing oil away, okay?”

Meaning, let’s not get too excited until we see what we have here. Callaway is well-respected around baseball. He seems like a good guy. He said all the right things at his news conference. But who is he as a manager? No one knows.

This is not to say he will not become the next Joe Torre. But he could also become the next Joe Frazier (no, not the boxer. For you younger fans, Frazier was a terrible manager for the Mets in the mid-1970s who preceded Torre).

Alderson deserves some credit, I suppose, for taking a chance on an unproven manager whom he obviously thinks will be the next big thing. It is a pretty big risk; if Callaway fails, it likely will and should cost Alderson his job. That’s what happens when you go with a guy with no track record.

We all hope Alderson is right and Mickey Callaway becomes a great manager. But right now, let’s not go overboard. Let’s wait and see Callaway make a pitching change before we head to the religious supply store to stock up on anointing oil.

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