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Tim Tebow Will Play for Mets in 2018

Get ready for the Tim Tebow crusade to reach Citi Field sometime this year. Sandy Alderson all but said so on Sunday.

tim tebow
Is Sandy Alderson setting up a Tim Tebow call-up?

“I think he will play in the major leagues.” That’s what Alderson said when asked about Tebow, who is in the Mets major league camp for Spring Training.

He went on. “He’s been super for us the first year-plus. He’s made progress on the field and he’s dedicated himself to improving. He has spent a lot of time in the off-season working with hitting coaches.”

If this isn’t Alderson setting the stage for at least a September call-up, I don’t know what is. Alderson parses his words very carefully. He would not have said any of this unless he plans on making it a reality.

Then again, this is the guy who insisted he signed Tim Tebow for “baseball reasons,” then admitted last year that there was a promotional element as well. So maybe Alderson is trying to keep interest in Tebow alive so the Mets can sell a few more t-shirts.

If the Mets are on their way to clinching a postseason berth (please, please), then by all means, call Tebow up in September. The same goes if they are out of it (please no, please no). Provided of course, that he has a good minor league season and won’t embarrass himself or the team. The last thing a classy organization like the Mets need is an embarrassment on or off the field.

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