Timeline of Mets Broadcasters

The Mets have had some fine television (I don’t care about radio) broadcasters over the years (Ralph-Bob-Lindsey, Gary Thorne, Gary-Keith-Ron) and some not so fine (Lorn Brown, Fran Healy). And it’s been pretty stable, with several teams lasting more than a decade together. Here is a timeline, with the main broadcasters in bold, and their supporting cast and years underneath. Wikipedia helped.

1962-1978: Ralph Kiner, Bob Murphy, Lindsey Nelson

1979-1981: Kiner, Murphy, Steve Albert

–1981: Art Shamsky

1982: Kiner, Lorn Brown

1983-1998: Kiner, Tim McCarver

–1983: Bud Harrelson

–1983-1989: Steve Zabriskie

–1984-2005: Fran Healy (cable)

–1986-1995: Rusty Staub (cable)

–1991: Don Criqui

–1992: Bob Carpenter

–1994-2003: Gary Thorne

–1996-2003: Howie Rose (cable)

1999-2002: Kiner, Thorne, Tom Seaver

2003-2005: Kiner, Dave O’Brien, Seaver

–2003-2005: Ted Robinson (cable)

–2003-2005: Keith Hernandez (cable)

–2004: Matt Laughlin (cable)

2006-Present: Gary Cohen, Hernandez, Ron Darling

–2006-2013: Kiner (limited games)

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