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Checking Back on Blogging Mets Predictions

The Brewers winning the NL Central? The Rockies a Wild Card? Who could have predicted that? Oh wait, I did! So let’s check back on my preseason predictions.

In the National League, almost all the prognosticators agreed it would be the Nationals, Cubs and Dodgers winning their respective divisions. I went against the grain and chose the Mets, Brewers and Dodgers. Boy, was I wrong about the Mets! But I nailed the Brewers and Dodgers. My Wild Cards were the Rockies and Nationals (I said the Cubs were “due for a fall”). So I got one right (punishment for showing the Nationals any respect at all), for a total of three out of five NL playoff teams.

Over in the National League, the consensus was the Yankees, Indians and Astros. I chose the “stupid Yankees,” Indians and Angels. The Yankees were a Wild Card, and I was right about the Indians. The Angels were looking pretty good early but faded late. My Wild Cards were the Astros and Mariners. The Astros won the division and the surprising A’s beat out the Mariners for the second Wild Card. I totally missed on the Red Sox, but like the NL, I got three out of five AL playoff teams.

So six out of 10. Sixty percent is not too shabby. Although my World Series was Mets and Angels or Mariners. That was shabby indeed.

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