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Mets Do Not Tender Wilmer Flores, But Tender d’Arnaud

In a move that can only be described as short-sighted, if not downright stupid, the Mets have chosen not to tender a contract to Wilmer Flores, but offered a contract to Travis d’Arnaud.

Flores has been a valuable member of the team, coming up clutch time after time. d’Arnaud, on the other hand, is always injured and even when he is not, he is pretty much useless.

This appears to be a sabermetrics decision regarding Flores. For the $5 million they would likely pay him, I think the Mets believe they could get similar production at a much lower cost. Maybe they can, but why would you give up what is pretty much a sure thing to take a gamble on the unknown? Plus, Flores apparently really wants to be in Flushing; you cannot say that about many players.

As far as d’Arnaud, can’t we just move on from him? He has been given opportunity after opportunity to succeed, and he continues to fail. Just end it already!

Combine this with the apparently pending Robinson Cano deal, and Brodie Van Wagenen is off to a very questionable start.

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