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Noah Syndergaard Might Want to Take the Money Now

Noah Syndergaard made a bit of news Thursday when he said he is not interested in signing a contract extension with the Mets right now. He might want to rethink that.

After pitchers Aaron Nola and Luis Severino signed team-friendly extensions that bought out their arbitration and a few free agency years, Syndergaard was asked if he would want to do the same (I assume that’s how the question was framed. This was a report in The Athletic, and I refuse to pay for it!). Here is what Syndergaard had to say:

“I trust my ability and the talent that I have. So I feel like I’m going to bet (on) myself in free agency and not do what they did. But if it’s fair for both sides and they approach me on it, then maybe we can talk.”

So let’s be clear — the Mets have not initiated any talks, and it sounds like that’s just fine with Syndergaard. He doesn’t want to sign a deal that would pay him $10 million or so per season for the next few years, anyway. However, if the Mets wanted to pay him like a free agent (let’s say $25 million a season), Syndergaard might be all ears.

On one hand, this makes sense; why undersell yourself? But there’s something to be said for security. Back in his heyday, the Giants offered Tim Lincecum a huge contract. He said no, then fell off a figurative cliff. He should have taken the money.

And Syndergaard does not have to look any farther than former teammate Matt Harvey. This was supposed to be the off-season he signed a $200+ million deal. Instead, he is trying to work his way back on a one-year contract with the Angels (at a surprisingly high $11 million, still not a bad salary but far less than his expected payday).

So Syndergaard might want to think twice if the Mets wave multiple millions in his face. You just never know what the future holds.

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