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Has Mickey Callaway Managed Last Mets Game?

UPDATE 6/3, 10:40 pm:

Well, I was wrong.


I’m not one to predict Mets personnel moves, but it feels like the time is right for a good old fashioned manager firing. So I predict Mickey Callaway has spent his last game in the blue and orange.

The Mets are coming off a miserable road trip in which they went 2-5, including two monumental blown saves by the bullpen. There was Callaway’s no-win decision to remove Jacob deGrom from the second of those loses with a cramp in his hip (what if deGrom’s hip gave out on his next pitch? Callaway effigies would have been hanging all over town). And just a general atmosphere of miserableness.

The Mets are only five games off the lead in the NL East. Does Brodie Van Wagenen fire his inherited manager while the season is still salvageable or wait until all hope is lost? Does Van Wagenen want to hitch his fledgling GM reputation to Callaway’s waning star? I don’t think so.

And besides, Monday is an off day. A perfect time to lower the ax and hold a news conference introducing the interim guy. You read it here first (or second, if someone else has already written something similar).

2 thoughts on “Has Mickey Callaway Managed Last Mets Game?

  • Edwin Davila

    Listen I’m been a met fan for very long time listen you guys hire the wrong manager .listen it’s time to put a light up these Mets and it’s time to get rid of Mickey he is not a manager.

  • Gimmie a break this ship of fools needs to be address saspo.
    Too much at stake ballplayers confidence , fans trust, and what is left of managements reputation…. sinking fast…
    What to do with dead weight Cano.. Thanks to Brodie for the extra salary weight and lousy moves you set this organization back 5 years after it took Alderson 5 years to clean past bad contracts . were back in the dumps way to go Brodie .

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