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Van Wagenen: I’m Not Trading Syndergaard, Diaz

Brodie Van Wagenen made a definitive statement on Thursday (no, not the firing of Mickey Callaway) — he is not trading Noah Syndergaard this offseason. Edwin Diaz, either.

“Before all those questions come, I think this group should be aware that Edwin Diaz is going to be on our team next year. That’s our full expectation. Noah Syndergaard is going to be on our team next year,” Van Wagenen said during the Callaway execution news conference.

Not trading Syndergaard is good news for the Mets, obviously. But especially for Syndergaard and his psyche. He spent last offseason, as well as the weeks leading up to the trade deadline this season, wondering if he should pack his bags for a move to another city and another team. That’s got to weigh on a person.

Now he is secure that he can renew his apartment lease in New York. And before you ask, I don’t think this is gamesmanship on Van Wagenen’s part; that he is just saying this to drive up the price in a trade. That would just be cruel and would shatter his credibility with the players if he does turn around and deal Syndergaard.

As far as Diaz, yeah, whatever. Hopefully he can remember how to pitch again.

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