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Tim Bogar is Best Mets Managerial Candidate Left

If you are underwhelmed by the list of the alleged remaining Mets managerial candidates, you are not alone (do they all seem like Mickey Callaway to you, too?!). But it says here that Tim Bogar is the best of the lot.

Tim Bogar in his Mets days.

Bogart has a Mets connection — he played in Flushing from 1993-1996, albeit sparingly. He has managed before, albeit as an interim skipper. But at least he has been a coach for most of the past decade.

The same cannot be said for the rest of the crew. Carlos Beltran has zero experience (plus, he was a surly, moody player when he was here; how do you think he would fare dealing with the media every day?). Eduardo Perez coached for a few years but has spent the past six seasons with ESPN. Derek Shelton? Who the hell is he?

Unless the so-called ‘bombshell” candidate is real (A.J. Hinch? Alex Rodriguez? Connie Mack?), Bogar seems like the best choice. Whomever they pick, let’s get it done as soon as possible after the World Series ends so we can get our disappointment out of the way and look towards the winter trade and free agent season. I’m sure Brodie Van Wagenen has a few shockers up his sleeve. It should be an interesting winter.

One thought on “Tim Bogar is Best Mets Managerial Candidate Left

  • Nick Gus

    What bothers me the most is they are looking for a candidate whom they can control from the GM’s office. That is the main reason why Joe Girardi bolted for Philly. For a manager to be successful he needs to have full control of the on field decisions at least. Not gonna happen with this regime. And now all remaining candidates have to go through a third interview so Fred Wilpon can vet them? He should’ve been in earlier interviews instead of putting these guys through hoops. Mickey Mouse run organization. Having said all that, I do believe Bogar to be the best remaining option.

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