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Digesting the 2020 Hall of Fame Vote

Now that the dust has cleared from the Hall of Fame vote, let’s take a closer look at the results:

— The writer who did not vote for Derek Jeter is a moron. I hope he or she allows his or her ballot to be released. I would love to hear the rationale.

— Larry Walker made a huge stride in his final year to get in, going from 54% to 76% to earn induction. He got in by just six votes. I still don’t think he is a Hall of Famer, but good for him.

— Curt Schilling went from 60% to 70%. He’ll get in next year on what will be his ninth year on the ballot. If only he weren’t such a jerk or he would be in already.

— It seems more and more unlikely the writers will elect Barry Bonds (61%) and Roger Clemens (60%). Their vote totals hardly changed from last year. They each have two years let, so we’ll see what happens. As Walker shows, great strides can be made in a player’s final year on the ballot. But Bonds and Clemens are obviously unique cases.

— Nice bounces for Omar Vizquel (42% last year to 52% this year), Scott Rolen (17% to 35%) and Todd Helton (16% to 29%). All have plenty of time left to make up the difference to eventually get elected. I don’t think they are Hall of Famers, although I could change my mind about Helton.

— Former Mets Billy Wagner (16% to 31%) and Gary Sheffield 13% to 30%) also did well. I think they are both deserving of induction. While I believe Wagner will eventually get in, Sheffield has a PED stain on him that will not wash away for many voters.

— Speaking of PEDs, Sammy Sosa (8% to 13%) and Manny Ramirez (22% to 28%) both gained but are very far off.

— And voters still hate Jeff Kent (18% to 27%).

Looking ahead to next year, there are no solid first-timers on the ballot. That leaves the door open for an almost certain Schilling election. Bonds and Clemens? Well, writers have to vote for someone. We’ll check in again in 12 months.

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