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So Steve Cohen is Not Buying the Mets After All?!

Distressing reports on Tuesday say Steve Cohen is pulling out of the deal to buy 80% of the Mets. That sound you hear is Mets fans all over the tri-state area breaking anything and everything in sight.

Barstool Radio was the first to report the news, so no one really knew what to make of it. I mean, Barstool Radio?! But then the New York Post confirmed the story, which means it is almost certainly true. Quoting sources, the paper writes:

Cohen is deeply unhappy with the Wilpons changing the terms of the deal at a very late stage and has decided to walk away.

That sounds about right. I don’t think the Wilpons ever wanted to sell. I believe it was always Fred’s dream to pass the team onto Jeff. The only problem is the rest of his heirs apparently do not want Jeff in charge of the Mets (is he even a worse person than we imagined?).

I’m guessing Fred was demanding that Jeff always have a substantial role with the team, and Cohen balked at that. Or maybe Fred was just trying to wring more money out of Cohen. That seems like a reasonable possibility as well.

Whatever the reason, it looks like we might be stuck with the Wilpons for the foreseeable future. Unless there is another billionaire Mets fan out there who wants to buy the team, and agree to the Wilpons’s demands. As I said, it’s all very distressing.

One thought on “So Steve Cohen is Not Buying the Mets After All?!

  • Wilpons – those crooks- strike again. Figures. The Mets are doomed.

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