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Things Not Looking Good for Mets

With 12 games remaining in this odd, truncated season, the Mets currently find themselves two and a half games behind the eighth and final playoff spot in the National League. Not an insurmountable deficit, but one the Mets should not have had to overcome in the first place.

The Mets could have virtually clinched a playoff spot by just being mediocre. The Giants now hold that eighth spot, and they are a game under .500.

The rest of the regular season sees the Mets playing two more games with the Phillies, three each with the Braves and Rays at home and four games with the Nationals on the road to close out the 60-game season. While odds for the Braves, Rays and Nationals games are not yet available, this page with MLB odds will update automatically once they do become available. Keep in mind that because there are so many games, it is hard to get odds for tomorrow’s games if today’s games aren’t over yet.

But really, what are the odds the Mets go 9-3 in those games, taking them to .500? And who knows whether that will still be good enough to play into October.

Basically, things do not look good for the Mets extending this season. And that is disappointing because this will probably be the easiest year for a team to get into the postseason. And as we all know, one you are in the tournament, anything can happen.

On the bright side, we have 2021 to look forward to, with a new owner with deep, deep pockets. And maybe coronavirus will be under control by then so there can be a normal season. Perhaps Steve Cohen can throw some money at that, too!

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