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Steve Cohen Makes 2nd Mistake as Mets Owner

Steve Cohen on Monday made his second mistake as the owner of the Mets, The first, arguably, was bringing back Sandy Alderson. Now he is compounding it by allowing Alderson to run the baseball side of things. We know how that turned out last time.

In a Zoom call with reporters, Alderson said he will handle the duties of the president of baseball operations because of “limited access” to candidates, whatever that means. Alderson instead will focus on finding a GM, who will of course report to him. So Sandy is running the show.

You could argue Cohen hiring Alderson to run the business side of things was a good idea because he knows how the game works (I don’t agree, but whatever). But we’ve seen Sandy Alderson’s baseball acumen, and it is not very good. You can re-live the carnage here, if you dare.

Maybe Alderson will work better with an unlimited budget. Perhaps, but all the money in the world will not make him an expert talent evaluator, and Alderson’s own track record shows he is lacking in that department. Remember when he was supposed to find the hidden value in players, and all he could provide was the likes of Shaun Marcum and John Mayberry, Jr.?

I am really excited about this new chapter in Mets history. I just wish Sandy Alderson was not a part of it.

4 thoughts on “Steve Cohen Makes 2nd Mistake as Mets Owner

  • Oh stop, this is worthless. Do you really think Sandy Alderson, or any GM, could have succeeded with the Wilpons hovering over him on an hourly basis? The fact that they made the WS during that is testament to his insight.

  • Pal88

    I see the Anderson hiring as a plus plus. His hands were tied with the wilpons, he certainly knows the organization..Several of the core players were brought in by Alderson…I think the vast majority of fans also look at it as a positive move.
    I think you needed something to write and decided you’d catch some att3ntion with this ridiculous article…

  • Joe Goodman

    Sandy Alderson was not perfect but did far more good than bad and was one of the best general managers this franchise ever had. He was completely hamstrung by Jeff Wilpon and ownership’s financial woes, yet still built a team that went to the World Series. His drafting success in the first round was phenomenal (Nimmo, Smith, Conforto, Peterson, Kelenic) and he made some amazing trades (Wheeler, d’Arnaud/Syndergaard, Cespedes) that put this team on the path to the postseason. Sure he made some mistakes- but so has Theo Epstein, Brian Cashman and others. Sandy Alderson is an elite baseball officer and the Mets are in great hands.

  • Michael

    I made a mistake by reading this

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