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Report: Francisco Lindor Turns Down Massive Mets Offer

The news is coming in fast and furiously Monday night — the Mets making a massive offer to Francisco Lindor, and the shortstop turning it down and countering with an even more massive deal.

The Mets reportedly offered Lindor $325 million for 10 years. That seems fair, but not to Lindor and his people, apparently. They reportedly countered with $385 million over 12 years. That comes out to about $32 million per year, similar to what the Mets offered. But do the Mets want to go two more years, taking him to his 40th birthday? That’s the question.

I give the Mets credit for making this offer. I didn’t think Sandy Alderson had the stomach for such a deal, but apparently I was wrong. The Mets offer would be tied for the fifth most lucrative contract ever in baseball. Lindor’s number would rank him number two, behind only Mike Trout’s $426.5 million.

It is easy for us to say Lindor is crazy for turning down that much money. But hey, if he thinks he’s worth more, then that’s what he thinks. But he is taking quite a risk — he could have a bad season, and with a free agent market packed with top shortstops next off-season, he could find himself in a buyer’s market. He might not be offered this much money ever again.

Anyway, this story is not over. We’ve got a long night ahead of us!

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