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Breaking News: Mets, Lindor Agree to Extension

News breaking late Wednesday night — the Mets and Francisco Lindor have agreed to a contract extension that will pay the shortstop $341 million over 10 years starting in 2022. Talk about just beating the Opening Day deadline.

To recap, the Mets and Lindor had been at a standoff — the Mets standing firm at $325 million/10 years, while Lindor countered with $385 million/12 years. But in the end, Lindor blinked a little more than the Mets and got the deal done.

I have to admit I was wrong; I didn’t think Sandy Alderson would ever sign a player to such a contract. But I am happy to be proven incorrect.

In any case, the Mets now have one of the best players in the game locked up for a decade. Not a bad way to open a season.

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