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Mets Feeling Impact of Postponements?

The 2021 Mets season has not gotten off to the start many expected. In addition to lack of hitting and a porous bullpen (well, we all expected that!), half of the first 10 games on the schedule have been postponed — the first three because of coronavirus running rampant through the Nationals clubhouse and the last two because of April showers. Are the Mets feeling the impact of these postponements?

One could argue all of the stopping and starting has thwarted the chance to build any positive momentum; you can’t get on a hot streak if you are not playing every day. And speaking of not playing every day, baseball players are definitely creatures of habit. They are used to the daily routine, and when that is taken away for one reason or another, it almost certainly will have some sort of effect.

If and when the Mets do get back on schedule (there is more rain in the forecast for New York on Thursday and the possibility of snow on Friday for the Mets game in Denver), the odds will be updated here daily so the most current stats will appear right before the day’s games begin.

Whatever happens, the Mets really need to get themselves straight. The hitting will come, but I suspect the bullpen will remain a problem all season. And with starters going fewer and fewer innings (especially after not getting stretched out in last year’s abbreviated season), bullpens will be very vital this year. And so far, it looks like Sandy Alderson has failed once again to build a competent bullpen. Couldn’t end this without one jab at the “baseball maverick.”

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