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Forget About 2022 — Sandy Alderson is Returning!

Forget about a Mets comeback season in 2022 — multiple reports say Sandy Alderson will remain at the helm of the team. And I thought Steve Cohen was smart.

According to the reports, Alderson will remain as team president and focus on business affairs, and will head up the search for a director of baseball operations. If that sounds familiar, it’s because that was the plan last offseason. The only problem is that no one wanted the job (it says here it’s because he or she would have had to answer to Alderson. And who wants to do that? And the Mets have yet to prove their dysfunction is behind them). Instead, Alderson installed himself as baseball chief and hired Jared Porter (alleged sexual harasser) and Zack Scott (alleged drunk driver) as his top lieutenants. And Alderson is still being trusted to make hires?!

The New York Post reports Theo Epstein is in the mix for the top baseball job. Does anyone in their right mind think someone with Epstein’s pedigree would take any job where Alderson (or anyone, for that matter) is in the reporting chain to the owner? It should be noted that Epstein also hired Porter and Scott when he was with the Red Sox. So giant red flag?

Sandy Alderson needs to go. His legacy in Flushing is one of repeated failed player acquisitions, extremely questionable hires and lots of lying to the media and the public. Oh, and lots and lots of losing. As long as he is here, the Mets will never shake their reputation as a dysfunctional organization, as he has been at the center of much of that dysfunction. Why he still has a job is a mystery. And it is Mets fans who are suffering because of it.



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