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Mets Get More Clueless By the Day

As each day passes, the Mets continue to cement their status as the laughingstock of baseball (did anyone expect to read such a statement a year ago when Steve Cohen took over as owner from the clueless Wilpons? Remember how excited we were about this team?).

Earlier in the week, Sandy Alderson (team president? De facto President of Baseball Operations? GM by default?) claimed the city of New York was the reason he could not hire anyone to run the baseball side of this hapless organization. He never mentioned the real reason — that his mere presence in Flushing means his hire would never have true autonomy.

The next day Alderson said for the second straight year, he was abandoning the search for a President of Baseball Operations and would hire just a GM. How did that go last year?

Now for the latest — according to The Athletic, the Mets really, really want to hire David Stearns away from the Brewers, so they are content to wait a season for him to be free of his commitment in Milwaukee (or maybe there is a vesting option, meaning it would be two years. No one knows for sure). No one also knows whether Stearns even wants the job, unless there has been some sort of communication between the Mets and Stearns or his people, which would amount to tampering. So basically, the Mets are waiting a year (or two) for a guy who might just turn down the job. This is a fine, fine plan Cohen/Alderson have dreamed up.

Why would any free agent want to come to this team? And for that matter, why would anyone want to manage this team, with a possible regime change a year away (lest we forget, the Mets still don’t have a manager!). The Mets have proven the dysfunction did not end with the Wilpons — it is either Alderson or it is just in the water in Flushing.

This is as bad or worse than almost anything the Wilpons ever made us endure. Did you ever think you’d read that sentence?!

2 thoughts on “Mets Get More Clueless By the Day

  • Antonio Ferreira

    Estoy completamente de acuerdo con su planteamiento, soy fanático de los Mets desde la serie mundial contra los A’s y nunca estuve tan decepcionado de este equipo como lo he estado estás últimas dos temporadas. En la escogencia de jugadores, los que dejan libres son mejores a los que se quedan en el equipo en resumen son un completo desastre.

  • Translation (via Google Translate) of the above comment:
    I completely agree with his approach, I have been a fan of the Mets since the world series against the A’s and I have never been as disappointed in this team as I have been in the last two seasons. In the selection of players, those who leave free are better than those who stay in the team in short, they are a complete disaster.

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