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Stunner: Noah Syndergaard Leaving Mets

In a stunning piece of news Tuesday morning, we learn Noah Syndergaard is leaving the Mers for the Los Angeles Angels. The deal is reported to be for one year, $21 million. That’s more than the $18.4 million qualifying offer the Mets extended.

Aside from the money, the big question is why Syndergaard wants to leave. He seemed to like New York and was a fan favorite. Maybe he blamed the Mets for his long rehab from Tommy John surgery. Most players come back after a year or so; it takes Mets pitchers two years for some reason.

Or maybe this organization is far more dysfunctional from top to bottom than we even imagine. If that’s the case, the Mets will be hard pressed to attract top free agents to Flushing.

The Mets receive a draft pick for Syndergaard’s departure. Small reward for a player we’ve been waiting two years to watch pitch.

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