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Reports: Mets Sign Eduardo Escobar, Mark Canha

The Mets decided to go shopping at T.J. Maxx instead of Tiffany’s on Black Friday, reportedly signing Eduardo Escobar and Mark Canha. Both are for two years — Escobar for $20 million, Canha for $26.5 million.

Listen, both of these guys seem like decent players. Escobar was an All-Star in 2021, hitting 28 home runs with 90 RBIs with the Diamondbacks and Brewers. He hit 35 homers with 118 RBIs in 2019. He can play all around the infield. Canha is another outfielder/first baseman who hit 17 homers this past season with Oakland and 26 in 2019. Both turn 33 this winter.

If these are depth signings, I am all for them. But given Sandy Alderson’s history of signing average players on short-term deals, it is very likely that one or both of them will end up as starters. And no offense, but they do not seem like starters on a championship-caliber club.

These signings reinforce my belief that the Mets will not make any big splashes this offseason, instead opting to sign second or third-tier players at cut-rate prices. It is so hard to see anything positive about this team.

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