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Breaking: Billy Eppler Resigns as GM

In a surprising move, Billy Eppler is out as General Manager of the Mets. The team announcing Thursday that Eppler resigned.

In the statement, Eppler said:

“I wanted David (Stearns) to have a clean slate and that meant me stepping down.”

It was generally thought Eppler would keep his job, but apparently not. This only seems fair since he built the team that failed so spectacularly this season. If Buck Showalter lost his job because of it, then shouldn’t Eppler?

Eppler’s legacy will be an interesting one. On one hand, he failed to upgrade the Mets at the 2022 trade deadline and the team wilted down the stretch. On the other hand, if those prospects he got for Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander work out, we could look back fondly at his brief tenure.

In the meantime, the fun never stops in Flushing!


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