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Analyzing 2024 Hall of Fame Ballot

The 2024 Hall of Fame ballot is out. Let’s take a look.

The Newcomers
There’s only one slam-dunk. no-doubt-about-it Hall of Famer making their debut on the ballot this year — Adrian Beltre. Beltre is a member of the 3,000 hit club, making his induction on the first ballot pretty much automatic (Craig Biggio would like a word).

Joe Mauer will likely garner a lot of support. He’s considered one of the best hitting catchers in baseball history. One problem — he stopped being a catcher midway through his career. In fact, he played first base and DH as much as he was behind the plate. He will likely get in some day (although he won’t get my IBWAA vote), but he won’t be elected on his first try.

Chase Utley will also get some votes, but he will never get in. Plus, us Mets fans hate him.

Matt Holiday — good, not great.

The Newcomers — Mets Edition
Lots of former Mets appearing on the ballot for the first time, headlined by David Wright. He certainly looked like a Hall of Famer until spinal stenosis robbed him of the chance. Wright might get the 5% to remain on the ballot — that would be his big victory here.

Jose Reyes is another player who looked bound for Cooperstown early, but his career derailed once he left Flushing.

Mets fans loved Bartolo Colon, probably more than voters. Despite his impressive 247 career wins, his 4.12 ERA leaves him short of Cooperstown.

Jose Bautista and Adrian Gonzalez made Mets cameos in their final years in the majors. Very good players, but not worthy of the Hall.

The Leftovers
Todd Helton received 72% of the vote last time around, so he will almost certainly get in this time. I have always been on the fence about Helton — he had a great eight seasons, then his power fell off the cliff at age 31 (the same year PED testing went into effect, not that I am accusing him of anything).

Former Met Billy Wagner has been slowly heading towards 75%. Last year, he received 68%. He could get over the hump this time on his ninth attempt.

Andruw Jones was at 58% last year. He’ll likely get more votes, but will it be enough?

Will voters forgive Carlos Beltran for his role in the Astros cheating scandal? The ex-Met got 46% on his first ballot last year. I think he eventually gets in, but not this year.

Gary Sheffield, Alex Rodriguez and Manny Ramirez still have the steroid stink on them. This is the last ballot for Sheffield, the cleanest of the dirty bunch. He got 55% last year; that’s just too big a hurdle to make up.

So who gets in? I predict Beltre, Helton and Wagner. I’ll reveal my IBWAA ballot at some point in the not too distant future — whenever I damn feel like!

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