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Oh, So Now it’s 2

That was quick — in the space of 24 hours the Mets narrowed their already-narrowed down list of general manager candidates from six to two;Sandy Alderson and Josh Byrnes.

“We are bringing back Josh Byrnes and Sandy Alderson for a second round of interviews with Fred, Saul and me,” Jeff Wilpon said in the statement, his second in two days. The suddenly great communicator continued. “Josh is scheduled for Monday and Sandy for Tuesday as we continue our search for the next General Manager of the Mets.”

Sandy Alderson     byrnes

It’s clear what the Mets are doing — they want someone with experience. The other four candidates are all highly regarded throughout the league, but Alderson (left) and Byrnes (right) are the only ones who have actually done the job.

The Mets are playing it safe once again. That is not to say either of these men would not be good choices, but they are not exactly out-of-the-box guys. The others would have been riskier, but as I’ve written, maybe they could have brought some new ideas to the table.

It would be a surprise if Alderson does not get the job. He would bring instant credibility to an organization that sorely needs it. Byrnes would be good too, I guess. He would likely come cheaper, so knowing the Mets, he has an excellent shot.

To be continued…

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