Phillies Lose!!!

Not a bad couple of days for us Mets fans. First the Yankees lose, and now the Phillies. I thought for sure it was going to be a Yankees-Phillies rematch in the World Series. At the very least, I was virtually certain one of the teams would make it. But now they are both done.

giantsActually, I didn’t care all that much about whether the Phillies got to the World Series. I know they are the Mets’ direct competition, but I was much more concerned about the Yankees getting it. It could be the length of the rivalry — the Met-Yankee thing has been going on for roughly 50 years now, while the Mets and Phillies have really only been rivals for four seasons. I’ll get back to you in 46 years.

Aside from hatred, it’ll be nice to have a new champion. This is the first World Series for the Rangers, and the last Giants title was in 1954. It’s really quite astounding that the Giants haven’t won since they moved to San Francisco, considering all of the great players who have passed through — Hall of Famers Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Orlando Cepeda, Juan Marichal and Gaylord Perry all played together for a number of years in the 1960s, and even those great players couldn’t win a championship.

A lot of people don’t realize the Giants have never won in SF. The city doesn’t celebrate its losers like Boston, Chicago and Cleveland. Unfortuntaley for San Francisco, I predict the losing will continue. The Rangers just have too much hitting to go along with Cliff Lee, who looks unbeatable.  I say Rangers in six.

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