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Narrowing Down Managerial Candidates

metsAccording to reports, Sandy Alderson has narrowed down the list of potential managers, and none of the names is likely to please Mets fans.

Multiple reports say the Mets have already decided to have a second round of interviews with Clint Hurdle, Bob Melvin and Terry Collins. Some reports say Chip Hale will also get a callback.

It’s not clear if that means the other men who have already interviewed — Ken Oberkfell,  Dave Jauss, DeMarlo Hale, Don Wakamatsu and fan favorite Wally Backman are out of the running. Not to mention Jose Oquendo, who might still get a first round interview.

Alderson has said all along he wants someone with major league managerial experience. Hurdle, Melvin and Collins certainly fit that bill (Chip Hale does not). But if he wants someone with a record of success, he should continue looking. Hurdle’s career record is 534-625. Melvin is 493-508 and Collins at 444-434. All have had some measure of success, but they couldn’t sustain it, which I guess explains why they are all currently without a manager’s job.

As far as fan reaction, Alderson shouldn’t expect a standing ovation — or any ovation, for that matter. In the ongoing poll on this site, Hurdle current has 9% of the vote. Melvin has exactly zero percent. Collins wasn’t even on my radar and wasn’t included in the poll. Backman and Bobby Valentine, who was apparently never under consideration for the job, lead the way. 

A few more people read the New York Post than my site, but its poll results are similar to mine.  Hurdle has 11%, Melvin 2% and Collins 0.85%.

Clearly, Mets fans do not want any of these men running the team. Valentine or Backman would really excite the fan base — a fan base that could use some excitement. These other three would be an easier sell if they had a long record of success, but they do not. Which is not to say they are not qualified — I’m sure they are. It’s just that any one of them would be met by Mets fans as the second coming of Art Howe, whom Alderson hired with the A’s, by the way.

One thought on “Narrowing Down Managerial Candidates

  • ross

    Lifelong Mets fans. Heaven help us if Clint Hurdle becomes our manager. I know since I live in Denver. Here’s what you get. Jerry Manuel on steroids. Except stranger baseball moves. You think you were scratching your head last year? Just wait. Do you all see a pattern here with Alderson and his money ball cronies? Much like the Knicks with Donnie Walsh. Bad player personnel moves (stat both he and Dantoni finding out that Steve Nash was their savior),and in the Mets case bad choice in coaches/managers. It comes from the top folks. Wilpons want yes men (both father and son) as does Alderson as so stated by him. Bachman would be the perfect choice to instill hustle and winning from an ex Met who led by example. Until the Wilpons sell we are in for another Knicks/Mets type disaster.

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