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Mets 2nd Base Problem

Calling Carlos Baerga and Roberto Alomar — no one seems to want to play second base for the New York Mets. The job is there for the taking, but no one is stepping up to claim it.

murphyDaniel Murphy (left) — certainly the favorite of the fans — committed two errors in Saturday’s game against the Braves, proving what a defensive liability he would be. He is hitting over .300 this spring, which is what he’s supposed to do. Brad Emaus and Justin Turner are both hitting .200. And Luis Castillo is, well, Luis Castillo. In his defense, he is hitting .318, but by all accounts he has lost all range in the field.

With no one seizing the opportunity, the Mets are considering a fifth player — Luis Hernandez. He was the starter for a short time last season before breaking his foot in September — then hitting a home run on the next pitch.

These are not particularly appealing options, but given the Mets financial situation, that’s all there is. There is no help on the way. I’m hoping they give the job to Murphy. He’s proven he can hit at the major league level, and in time he might feel comfortable in the field. Although he never got comfortable in left field, and we all thought eventually he would.

It would also give the Mets an all home-grown infield. Along with Josh Thole and kind of, sort of Angel Pagan, six of the eight regulars would be home-grown. That’s kind of nice.

Any way you look at it, it won’t be pretty at second base in 2011.

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