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The Mets are Just Awful

It pains me to say it because I love the team so much, but there’s no way around it — the Mets are simply awful. Watching this homestand was like watching a little league team — botched double plays, stunningly horrendous outfield play, starters who can’t make it out of the sixth inning, followed by relievers who can’t even pitch one decent inning.

Rockies Mets BaseballThe Mets dropped a doubleheader to the Rockies and Troy Tulowitzki (rounding the bases after his 74th home run of the series, this one off of Bobby Parnell) on Thursday, two games in which they held a lead, two games in which all of the above helped them blow those leads. The losses came after Terry Collins held a team-only meeting in which he told them:

“It’s time to start making pitches. It’s time to start getting the big two-out hit,” Collins told reporters. “Now is the time. We’ve been in every game and we’ve got to start winning ’em. We’re one pitch away and we’re one swing away from being 9-2, and we’re not. But the next 11 we need to be 9-2. We need to get it going and do the things we haven’t done so far.”

The players were not listening, so now they’ve got to go 9-0 in their next nine games. That will not happen. Right now the Mets are 4-9, losers of their last five games. The Mets need to do something to prevent this season from getting away from them.

They can start by ending the great Brad Emaus experiment. He is a huge liability in the field, he’s hitting only .200, and his much-vaunted on base percentage is only .294. Send him to the bench or back to Toronto, but he should not be in the starting lineup.

More work needs to be done on the bullpen. Getting rid of Blaine Boyer was a good start. Sandy Alderson should take the next week or so to determine who else is useless, then get rid of that pitcher and bring up Jenrry Mejia, insert him in the rotation and move Chris Capuano to the pen. In his two starts Capuano looked good initially, only to collapse in the  middle innings. Maybe he’s only good for an inning or two.

Mejia is lighting up Triple-A as a starter, throwing 12.2 scoreless innings in his first two starts. He would also add some excitement to a team that desperately needs it.

Other than that, there’s nothing much more the Mets can do except wait for Jason Bay to get back and wait for their pitchers to finish pitching school where hopefully they are learning how to throw a baseball. Oh, let’s not forget outfield school to learn how to catch a ball.

3 thoughts on “The Mets are Just Awful

  • it’s actually stunning how right you seem to be about the little things the mets do. i remember weeks ago you wrote about how murphy should have been starting and how he deserved the chance, then emaus faltered and murphy has looked pretty good so far. i was actually hoping they’d call up gee though instead of mejia just because of his run last year down the stretch. it’ll be interesting to see what the mets do, hopefully they can pick up a couple wins now that they’re out of new york.

  • and+to+think,+since+you+wrote+this,+they+only+got+worse.++This+team+is+almost+unwatchable.

  • nadia post

    Another sad season in the making. Fire the manager. Sell the team to someone who cares. NY deserves better. People boycott the games. Make the Wilpons suffer. Don’t waste your time or hard earned money on this dismal team. I’ve been a long time fan but have had it.

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