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Emaus, We Hardly Knew Ye

So Brad Emaus is gone, designated for assignment on Tuesday. The man who was billed as the second coming of Dan Uggla hit a whopping .162 in 37 at bats with one RBI. He was supposed to be an on-base machine, yet his on-base percentage was just .262. He had four walk and struck out nine times. Terry Collins said he appeared over-matched offensively. You think?


None of this is really Emaus’s fault. He just is not ready to be in the major leagues, a fact that the Blue Jays knew all too well, which is why he was a Rule-5 guy in the first place. The sabermetricians in the Mets front office were blinded by his minor league stats instead of watching him with their eyes to determine if he could actually play. You know, the old fashioned way that worked for 100 years before bookkeepers took over the game.


Justin Turner got the start at second in Tuesday’s game, and Collins said right now, he plans on platooning Turner with Daniel Murphy. I can’t understand the reluctance to giving Murphy the job. He can hit, and he’s looked pretty good in the field so far this season. What more can he do?


Jason Bay is due back with the Mets Thursday, and not a moment too soon. The offense is really struggling. The Mets have managed to score just five runs in the past four games, including one in Tuesday’s 6-1 miserable loss to the Astros. David Wright is in one of those slumps that hit every now and then — his average has dropped to .239, and he leads the league in strikeouts with 20.

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  • And they are looking to dump Reyes? David Wright is a strikeout machine.

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