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Good, Good Win

I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical when Terry Collins removed Dillon Gee for a pinch hitter in the bottom of the seventh inning with the bases loaded and one out. Gee had been pitching brilliantly, allowing no runs on four hits, throwing just 85 pitches. The problem was, the Mets couldn’t manage any runs either. I had visions of Jason Pridie grounding into a double play, then turning a scoreless game over to the bullpen.

Braves Mets BaseballThose visions fortunately proved inaccurate, as Pridie singled home a run, then Jose Reyes followed with a bases-clearing triple. The Mets went on to win 5-0 as the Pedro Beato and Tim Byrdak were able to reverse the recent bullpen trend and shut down the Braves.

Of course pinch hitting for Gee (left) was the right move; regardless of how well he was pitching, the Mets had a golden opportunity to score at least one run, and they couldn’t give that up. Luckily they scored five runs, taking the pressure off of the the much-beleaguered bullpen .

But a good, good win that hopefully the Mets can build upon.


So now David Wright will be out for another three weeks, at least. It seems there was a miscommunication between Mets management and Wright’s doctors about how long Wright would be out, leaving Sandy Alderson, in his own words, “a little surprised.”

Doctors said it would take six weeks for Wright’s back to heal. The Mets thought they meant six weeks from the time of the injury, which wasn’t diagnosed for three weeks. So the team thought Wright would only have to be out for three weeks.

But no, doctors meant six weeks from the diagnosis, of course. How could the Mets not have known this? How could they possibly think Wright’s back would be healing while he was playing? Alderson was supposed to be a bright guy brought in to end things like this.  He tried to joke his way out of it, saying,  “Maybe we’ll get David back for (Johan) Santana’s first start.” Ha. ha.

Things just don’t change around this team.

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