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Ike Davis Could Need Season-Ending Surgery

Did the Mets mishandle another injury? The team announced on Wednesday that Ike Davis’s bone bruise in his ankle is not healing, and if it doesn’t get better over the next three weeks, Davis could have surgery that would end his season.

Athletics Mets Baseball“We’re hopeful that over the next three weeks he will progress to running. If that is not successful, then there may be some consideration about doing some surgery on the ankle. Right now I don’t see him coming back anytime soon,” Sandy Alderson said. “Basically over the next three weeks he’ll progress to hopefully running. And if he can’t tolerate the running, then we go to Plan B.”

The surgery would be similar to microfracture surgery in which tiny cracks are made in the bone to enhance cartilage growth. Recovery time is three months before beginning rehabilitation, means his season would be over.

Davis (left, watching Wednesday’s game from the bench) has been in a protective boot for the past three weeks. Both Davis and Alderson said the boot could have hindered the healing process by reducing circulation to the ankle. The boot will be removed now in an effort to enhance circulation.

If it turns out the Mets doctors made this worse by putting Davis in a boot, they should all be fired and sued for malpractice. Who is the Mets doctor anyway, Nick Riviera?

Let’s hope it doesn’t come down to season-ending surgery for Davis. And let’s hope we get some good news when David Wright is evaluated on Thursday.

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