Powerhouse Lineup for Saturday’s Game

MetsBlog.com reports that Carlos Beltran will be out of Saturday’s game against the Phillies with flu-like symptoms. So this will be the lineup for the game:

1. Angel Pagan, CF
2. Justin Turner, 2B
3. Scott Hairston, RF
4. Daniel Murphy, 3B
5. Jason Bay,  LF
6. Ronny Paulino, C
7. Nick Evans, 1B
8. Ruben Tejada, SS

Wow! Where to begin? Well, the only guy left from the opening day starting lineup is Pagan. Usually your best hitter bats third. The Mets best hitter on this day is Scott Hairston?! Murphy is hitting very well lately, but he is not a cleanup hitter.

This is an awful, awful lineup. Going up against Cole Hamels, the Mets will be lucky if they can score a run. I’m almost happy the game won’t be airing here in Los Angeles so I won’t have to watch the ugliness. Although I can’t go outside because of “Carmageddon!”

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