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Well, I was Wrong

Okay, here’s what I think happened. Everybody on the Mets read my post before Saturday’s game (because BloggingMets is so important and influential) in which I basically said the Mets lineup on this day could not hit its way out of a paper bag and would “be lucky if they can score a run,” and they were outraged. At a quickly assembled team meeting, they said, “We’ll show him — screw this BloggingMets jerk.” And they went out and scored runs —  11 runs, actually! — in an 11-2 win over the Phillies.


Scott Hairston took my words (“why is he hitting third?”) to heart, having by far his best game as a Met. He hit a three-run homer (above), two doubles and had five RBIs. Daniel Murphy (“cleanup?”) was similarly inspired, doing what a cleanup hitter should do — hitting a home run among his three hits.

Jonathon Niese pitched extremely well, going seven innings, allowing one earned run to up his record to 9-7. For the record, I didn’t say anything bad about him, so he did this all on his own.

The hitting, however, is all because of me. You’re welcome.

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