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All-Time 25 Man Roster

Ever since the 1976 Topps series included “All-Time All-Stars” cards of the top players at each position, I have been obsessed with all-time baseball rosters. So in honor of the All-Star game I have put together my all-time 25 man roster.

First Base
Lou Gehrig
Stan Musial
I cheated a little bit on my backup first baseman. I really wanted Musial on the team but he could not crack the outfield. He did play 1016 games at first so I got him in here. I hope that’s all right.

Second Base
Rogers Hornsby
Pete Rose
The same thing goes for Rose. He came up as a second baseman and played 628 games there.

Honus Wagner
Cal Ripken, Jr.

Third Base
Alex Rodriguez
Mike Schmidt
Obviously, I did not let steroid accusations or admissions prevent me from including any players.

Mike Piazza
Johnny Bench
Okay, maybe Bench deserves to be the starter, but this is a Mets site! Piazza was the best hitting catcher of all time, in any case.

Babe Ruth
Hank Aaron
Willie Mays
Ted Williams
Ty Cobb
Barry Bonds probably deserves to be on the team, but whom do you leave off?

Cy Young
Walter Johnson
Christy Mathewson
Bob Feller
Warren Spahn
Sandy Koufax
Tom Seaver
Roger Clemens
Greg Maddux
Mariano Rivera
Does Seaver really belong? Again, this is a Mets site, and he was also pretty darned good. I thought about having five starters and five relievers, but really only one reliever deserves to be on a team such as this, and that is Rivera.

2 thoughts on “All-Time 25 Man Roster

  • Despite five Yankees on the roster– I want more. Jeter over Ripken (Ozzie didn’t make the cut?), Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford. And DiMaggio.

  • Mark Berman

    Ozzie Smith was obviously the best fielding shortstop of all time, but he was a pretty mediocre hitter — .262 average, a whopping 28 career homers. In addition to 3184 hits, Ripken also hit 431 homers, which people sometime forget. Jeter could take his place on the team depending on how he finishes his career.

    Mantle and DiMaggio were great players, but which outfielders do you take out? As good as they were, I think my five choices were better.

    Ford was excellent, but there are much more deserving pitchers whom I left off — Steve Carlton, Bob Gibson, Jim Palmer, Randy Johnson…

    Besides, my Mets audience would disown me if I had more Yankees on the team!

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