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Trivia Contest: Win 1986 World Series Game 6 DVD!

In association with the good folks at A&E Home Entertainment/MLB Productions, I am holding a trivia contest with five winners receiving a DVD of one of our favorite Mets games ever, and arguably one of the greatest games ever played — Game 6 of the 1986 World Series. You may remember it; some guy hit a ball that rolled under the glove of some other guy, and the Mets came back to win this meaningless game.


The DVD is one of eleven offerings in a new line of discs titled “Baseball’s Greatest Games.” Here is the link to the Game 6 DVD in case you are not one of the winners and want to buy it.

So here are the rules: the first five people to email me with the correct answer to the question will win the DVD. You can find my email address at the “Contact” tab above. I will get back to you if you are one of the winners. Simple enough!

Here is the question:

He is, in my opinion, the worst relief pitcher the Mets have ever had. I cringed whenever he entered a game, which happened a shocking 32 times for some reason. And I thought this manager was smart! In his one season with the Mets he pitched to an astonishing 7.78 ERA. Just like a couple of relievers on the current roster, he was signed to an ill-advised two-year contract — he was released the following spring. Why the two-year deal? Well, it was written at the time that this lefty was a former minor league roommate of the Mets GM who gave him the rich deal.

Enough hidden clues. Who is this awful, awful pitcher?

Good luck guys.

CONTEST CLOSED: The answer was Rich Rodriguez. I hated him so much.

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