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The Mets Will Not Get to .500

I hate to say this, but the Mets goal of reaching .500 this season will remain elusive. With the Mets dropping Monday’s game to the Nationals 3-2, they would have to go 10-5 the rest of the way to reach mediocrity. Is there anyone out there who thinks they can do that, considering how poorly they’ve been playing lately?


Once again R.A. Dickey was done in by poor offensive support, as well as some shoddy defense. The Mets did score two runs, but they managed just three hits. An error by David Wright (above, his fourth in the past three games) led to the first run. The other two were earned as Dickey’s ERA dropped to a fine 3.43 despite a poor 8-12 record.


Gary Cohen was in rare form on Monday, lambasting Major League Baseball for not allowing the Mets to wear FDNY, NYPD and other hats in honor of first responders on the tenth anniversary of 9/11. Cohen, who rarely gives his opinions during games, correctly pointed out that MLB’s quest for consistency throughout the league should be thrown out because New York’s experience on 9/11 was like no other city in the country.

He was also critical of MLB suits for forcing Joe Torre to issue the edict, saying Torre is a lifelong New Yorker who “knows better” than to ban the caps. He called this “shameful.”

Well said, Gary.


Speaking of the hats, Dickey revealed that MLB had the nerve to confiscate them from the Mets to make sure they didn’t wear them. Dickey tweeted:

For all those upset that we didn’t wear the hats, I understand your anger. However, they physically took them from us after the ceremony.


Writing to a user who said Wright was spotted in the dugout during the game wearing one, Dickey said:

not after the 4th inning when they came in the dugout and took it.

He also said there was a plot to disobey the idiotic MLB rule:

We had conspired to wear them but we got found out and MLB got involved.

Bud Selig is a jerk, plain and simple.

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